Hi, I’m Alex. I am 21 years young and this is all my own little space on the internet. Somewhere I can come and write about things I love and have a passion for.
I love all things homely (candles, I love candles), beauty, skincare, travel and food.
I wanted to start documenting little bits of my life so when I’m older I have something to look back on. I’ve always loved reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos about beauty, homeware, vlogs and just life in general, which then inspired me to start my own. 

I want to write about and share my little adventures with you and while I’m at it, I would love to show you my passion for taking photographs. I admit I am no professional at this, but I enjoy it.

So the more you come and read my blog, the more you will find out about me! 🙂

I also have recently started a YouTube channel, so I shall leave the link if you want to go and check that out too! 🙂 https://t.co/Wus4Cqaivr


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

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