Let me tell you I am no stranger to having horrible dried chapped lips and have always been a Vaseline kinda girl, until this year when I decided I seriously needed to broaden my lip balm horizon (something which I should have done a long time ago btw). 

I think I’m just one of these people who has been “blessed” with naturally dry lips, because unless I have applied a shed load of lip balm to them, they are constantly dry and cracked. 


So during my quest to find something new I found these, which have now turned out to be my most used lip balms ever. I know every man and his wife have heard of both brands before and of course I have too, but for some unknown reason I just never got round to giving them a go. 

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm


The Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Stick was the first one I tried, something which I actually won in a Twitter giveaway a few months ago. I remember looking at the exact same product in my local Boots store only a few days before and deciding not to buy it, so I like to think that fate was definitely on my side that week. With this balm I personally believe that one layer is not enough, to really feel your lips being moisturised by the product you have to go over your lips a good few times. I love that you can really feel the peppermint on your lips, it provides them with a very refreshing tingle… kind of like when you apply tea tree scented products to your face. It always leaves my lips feeling moisturised for hours on end, something that most lip balms fail to do.

Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm 


Now I have always wanted to try the Carmex lip products whether it be the pot or the tube, the classic packaging has always been the one thing that has drawn me to it.
The funny thing is I didn’t even plan on buying it the way I did, I was online shopping on ASOS and my basket came to £17 and to get free delivery you need to spend £20 or more and this Carmex pot was £3… so it actually worked out quite well in the end.
Again like the other balm it is extremely moisturising for a number of hours, it even has that same refreshing tingle, maybe not as refreshing but it definitely has a tingle to it. 

So I’m going to give both products a 10/10. I would choose these two over Vaseline any day. Both of these balms have now become part of my everyday skincare routine, I usually take it in turns to use them each day so I get the most out of using the both of them. 

Also please feel free to check out my latest vlog on YouTube, thank you!

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂



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